How to resolve debts with Social Security


There are many entrepreneurs and freelancers who have debts with Social Security and have great problems catching up.

Debts with Social Security generate penalties that debtors must face by increasing the total cost of the debt.

How much does it cost me a delay in paying my debt to Social Security?

How much does it cost me a delay in paying my debt to Social Security?

The surcharges that apply to Social Security debts are as follows:

  • 3% of the amount that has not been paid, with a delay of one month with respect to the payment term of the fee.
  • 5% for non-payment delays of two months.
  • 10% for delays of three months.
  • 20% for delays greater than three months.

For example, a freelancer who has not been able to pay his contributions for a period of 3 months.

This freelancer pays a monthly fee of $ 849.9. The total amount of your Social Security debt would be $ 849.90 but with the corresponding surcharges, you would have to pay the amount of $ 1,019.88.

What happens when Social Security is not paid?

What happens when Social Security is not paid?

It enters the executive phase. In other words, they proceed to make seizures on the debtor’s assets.

At the same time, the General Treasury of the Social Security may include your data in the file of delinquents called FIJ (Judicial Incident Files). This file becomes the Asnef of public administrations.

In case of death, those debts with Social Security are transferred to the legal heirs.

When do you prescribe a debt with Social Security?

Debts with Social Security prescribe after four years.

Once prescribed, the right of Social Security to claim and demand, any action to impose sanctions and also the obligation of the debtor to pay the amounts to a said entity is terminated.

Can the social security debt be paid in installments?

Can the social security debt be paid in installments?

If the debt with Social Security grows as a result of prolonged defaults, a deferment of the debt can be requested.

You can divide this debt within a maximum period of 5 years so that we can face it more comfortably.

There are two types of fees that cannot be deferred.

  • The fees paid to offer coverage for any work-related accident and / or illness.
  • A businessman with dependents.

Yes, you can pay the debt with Social Security in installments for self-employed workers. Social Security will give you a calendar in which payment dates and amortization tables will be specified. The interests that Social Security will charge you will be only the legal interest of the money.

The great advantage when deferring debt to Social Security is that you will no longer be classified as delinquent.

This is because the debt will no longer be reflected as such when the certificate of being up to date with this institution is requested.

It is interesting to know that the General Treasury has introduced other variants to facilitate late payments for those who have debts with Social Security. For example, payment by debit or credit card, as well as payment electronically.

How to resolve the payment of debts with Social Security?

For debts that are not excessive, one way to deal with that payment and catch up is to use online credits.

It is a quick, simple and very comfortable solution to quickly solve unforeseen expenses such as these, perfect for cases where you do not have the necessary liquidity. The cost of these credits is usually less than paying the fee surcharge.

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