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It is worth being aware of this and choosing the right life insurance. Why? Let’s find out. Each of us wants to feel safe. This is understandable. And although we are optimistic that nothing bad will happen to us and our family members will enjoy good health and well-being, having a policy increases our sense of security.

We are aware that we have fully secured ourselves against all sorts of fortuitous events and in the event of their occurrence we will not have to deal with their material consequences on our own. For many people, this is of great importance and allows them to sleep peacefully.

Security in the event of loss of repayment obligations


While repayment on a daily basis in most cases is not a problem for us, in a situation where we are affected by illness or we are injured in an accident, it can be really hard for us. Random events of this type usually cause an inability to work, which can last for many months. Meanwhile, on sick leave, our income is significantly reduced, and the amount of health pensions can be very low.

With life insurance, we gain confidence that we can cope with paying off our obligations even in such a difficult situation. The amount of compensation often allows you not to be afraid of being overly burdened with your home budget for many months.

Means for a family that has lost a breadwinner

Means for a family that has lost a breadwinner

In a situation where a family member who was its main or sole host dies, relatives must deal with not only the pain but also the cost of the funeral, which are getting higher and finding a way to a later dignified life. Having life insurance protects your loved ones in this case.

They have the means to not only bury their loved ones with dignity but also to live without stress and lack of money until the situation normalizes. Such comfort allows for a peaceful experience of mourning and gives a chance to regain inner peace.

Money for expensive treatment and rehabilitation

As a result of fortuitous events or illness, really serious health problems can occur that require the best care. Our health care is often unable to provide refunds for many treatments or modern forms of rehabilitation. With life insurance, we don’t have to worry about the cost of successful treatment and focus on getting back to full strength and health.

To sum up, it is worth having life insurance, thanks to which we can feel much more comfortable and confident. In the event of a difficult life situation, it will become an invaluable help in dealing with the financial consequences of illness or accident.

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When do you deposit a loan? /when-do-you-deposit-a-loan/ /when-do-you-deposit-a-loan/#respond Sat, 15 Feb 2020 06:28:58 +0000 http://www.subzoneusa.com/when-do-you-deposit-a-loan/

When you are looking for a loan, one of the most frequently asked questions is when do you deposit a loan ? This is due to the speed with which the money is needed. Currently, many fast loan options are handled and approved in a few minutes. In today’s post we will discuss the different factors that influence the approval and receipt of the requested money.

When do you deposit a loan?

When do you deposit a loan?

There are three important factors that can help us determine how long we can receive money from a loan. These influential factors are: date and time of the request, amount of money requested, and documentation submitted. Next we detail each one of them.

Date and time the credit is requested

Sometimes when a loan is urgently requested, we get carried away only by the statement (quick loan), regardless of the date and time. These are two very important points, since if the request is made during a holiday, it will most likely be reviewed the next business day.

Time is another factor to be fixed. This is because if it is executed in the afternoon or at night, even if the loan is approved at the moment, the money may not arrive immediately. This usually occurs due to the approval of the bank. There are cases that deposits are made through other payment entities and the money is approved at the moment; But this will also depend on the amount requested.

Amount of money requested

Amount of money requested

It can be said that the requested money is the main factor in determining the time of receipt of the money. Loan entities are interested in clients that meet payments. Therefore, if a high amount is requested, the lender may require documents that support the applicant’s income. In other words, request the money you can return.

On the other hand, loans of low amounts of USD 50 to USD 300 are referred to as small loans. This makes them approved in a short time, in some cases they are approved in 15 minutes, and there are even approval cases in 10 minutes.

Documentation submitted

As we mentioned before, the lenders look for responsible clients that comply with the payments. Therefore, the lenders are thorough when requesting the requirements. These may vary depending on the lender and the amount. For requests for high quantities usually ask for more requirements. In addition, sometimes the APR and the TIN tend to have a higher percentage.

Also, it is important to review the documents requested before sending them. Since if an incorrect or expired document is sent, the request will be rejected and the process will have to be done again.

To conclude we can say that the time of receiving the money will vary according to the amount, and the entity with which it is made. In Ideal Loans you can compare and see the requirements that lenders require. Remember to keep in mind the above factors to determine when you deposit a loan .

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Are there loans for retirees? /are-there-loans-for-retirees/ /are-there-loans-for-retirees/#respond Fri, 31 Jan 2020 06:20:51 +0000 http://www.subzoneusa.com/are-there-loans-for-retirees/ money

Wanting money to buy a car, travel or start a business has no age limit, but to apply for a loan, is there an age limit? This question is accompanied by another question, are there loans for retirees? In today’s post, we want to answer that question, read on and know the options for the elderly.

Age, an impediment to request a loan?


There is a frequent doubt when applying for a loan. Will you accept my application? This question is around people of a certain age, especially those over 50.

This happens due to the requirements that lenders require to apply for a loan. Age is one of them since entities must ensure the return of money by the borrower. Below we show 3 elements to evaluate for the approval of a loan.


At the time of studying the request for a loan, the entity calculates the age that the borrower will be at the end of paying the debt. This is because after 70 years according to statistics, the death rate is higher. Also, we can say that this rule is not entirely strict since there are options that allow retirees to obtain a loan.

Delinquency history

One of the most important points to evaluate when approving a loan is delinquency history. With this, the lender can determine whether a customer is profitable or not. The online loan market has entities that grant loans to people who appear on the ASNEF lists. In general, they are allowed for applications below $ 1,000.

Financial history

The lenders carry out an analysis of the financial history in order to assess the risk of default. The analysis evaluates the liquidity of the client, the monthly income, and the payment of credits (if it is the case). This information will help the lender approve or deny a loan.

Are there loans for retirees?

Are there loans for retirees?

The market for financing products is experiencing a moment of expansion. This makes you have many loan opportunities. Retired people have characteristics that make them a profitable customer, and it is their fixed monthly income. Therefore, there are loans for retirees. For loans under $ 1,000, the application is simpler and easier to approve. But when we talk about higher quantities, the requirements are more demanding, these are some of them:


The person who undertakes as collateral will be responsible for paying in the event that the borrower fails to pay. An endorsement is usually a family member or person with demonstrable financial solvency.

Life insurance / Amortization insurance

One of the most common backups is life insurance. This serves to protect the interests of family members in case of death, as it will be responsible for canceling the debt acquired.

Guarantees (car, housing, etc)

When a loan of a high amount is requested, a property or a car, among others, may be required as collateral. In this way, the lenders can repay the debt in case of default.

The maximum age established is 75 years. The age is stipulated at the time of paying off the loan, but not upon request.

In Good Credit Loans, there are loans for retirees, thanks to its comparator that has the best options in the online market.

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Is there a debt limit on salary? /is-there-a-debt-limit-on-salary/ /is-there-a-debt-limit-on-salary/#respond Fri, 31 Jan 2020 05:45:56 +0000 http://www.subzoneusa.com/is-there-a-debt-limit-on-salary/ money

When liquidity is needed, the question may arise as to whether there is a debt limit on the payroll or the income received to request a loan. This doubt is more than reasonable since in the end the income received determines the viability of the operation.

On the debt limit in access to the loan

On the debt limit in access to the loan

It is known as borrowing capacity at the maximum value of the loan that a person, family or organization can request. It is important to know this value since it will determine the viability of the loan operations.

When a borrower exceeds his own loan capacity he puts his economy at risk. Since you might be unable to repay your loans. Most financial experts place this limit at around 35% of the borrower’s recurring income. Of course, this value depends on factors such as:

The number of loans requested. The higher your interest, fees and associated expenses, the narrower the debt capacity fork.

– The possibility of receiving extraordinary income. For example, a third-party worker can provide with some precision how much your payroll will amount to (unless you charge commissions or other extras). However, if a self-employed (self-employed) worker keeps prudent accounting, it is easy for him to raise his debt threshold thanks to additional income.

– The maturity date of the liabilities. If the borrower has loans about to expire he can also afford to raise his debt threshold. As you pay off some loans you will gain ease to pay the remaining.

How to calculate borrowing capacity

In short, the percentage of income that can be dedicated to maintaining loans depends on many circumstances. However, a relatively accurate form of calculation is:

Take the gross value of recurring income (rents, investments, payroll …).

The value of all recurring expenses (supplies, services, rentals …) is subtracted.

A percentage of 30% is applied to the result (more conservative cases or in which the possibility of reducing income or increasing expenses is foreseen). And 45% (cases in which loans will be repaid in a short period of time, or when it is expected that income can be increased or expenses reduced).

Does this mean that you cannot apply for loans beyond the debt threshold?

Does this mean that you cannot apply for loans beyond the debt threshold?

Definitely not. Each lender decides the conditions under which he lends his money. Therefore, despite exceeding the threshold indicated, it is possible to obtain loans.

Of course, when a lender is going to put your capital at risk, the most frequent thing is that before you carry out an economic feasibility study. If the person requesting the loan is close to his debt limit, he is likely to be denied the loan. In these cases, you will only have to look for alternative lenders. In Good Credit Loans you can make simultaneous applications, so you will have more options for a yes.

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Difference between a bank loan and one online /difference-between-a-bank-loan-and-one-online/ /difference-between-a-bank-loan-and-one-online/#respond Mon, 20 Jan 2020 05:59:41 +0000 http://www.subzoneusa.com/difference-between-a-bank-loan-and-one-online/ money

The terms bank loans and online loans can be confused and even related as equals, but the truth is that they are different. Each one has characteristics that can be beneficial for both individuals and companies. Therefore it is important to recognize the difference between a bank loan and an online loan, find out more in the next post.

Bank loan


Bank loans are an interesting relationship between a bank and a company or individual. These were one of the first exchanges in the financial world. The purpose of this loan is to offer an opportunity to its clients so that they can acquire some good or simply solve something timely.

It is very common for companies to apply for bank loans for the following purpose:

  • Purchase of raw materials.
  • Cover the repair of machinery or the purchase of a new one.
  • Modernization of computer equipment.
  • Office reforms, among others.

Online loans

This type of loan is the most modern and practical. Most financial companies are carried by investors and not by banks. As the name implies, it only works online. In this way, it is possible to achieve a variety of options that adapt to each user.

People who apply for fast loans online are mostly private individuals. This is thanks to the speed and convenience of the loans at the time of applying.

Difference between a bank loan and one online

Difference between a bank loan and one online

Although both loans have a lot of similarities, these have characteristics that differentiate it. Below are some of the differences.


  • Relationship: bank account.
  • Documents: it is required to deliver a series of documents such as personal income tax, payroll, among others, to make the request.
  • Solvency: have a stable financial history.
  • Commissions: in addition to interests such as TIN and APR, banks ask for other commissions such as opening.


  • Without paperwork: the process is completely digital.
  • Fast: there are approvals of up to $ 300 in 15 minutes.
  • No affiliation: they do not require an affiliation or relationship to approve the loan.
  • They do not exclude: there are lenders who approve loans to people who are on delinquent lists such as ASNEF.

Advantages and disadvantages


Online Loan:

Quick approval.
Interest-free loan promotions for new clients.

If more financing is required at the end of a loan, a new application must be initiated from scratch.
A greater amount and speed, higher interests.

Bank Loan:

Comfort and security. When contracting a banking service that carries all the financial operations of the company or individual.
Variety of loans that adapt to different needs, for example, study, travel, reforms, among others.

Analysis of bank history to see the borrowing capacity.
Delay in approval time.

The best way to know the difference between a bank loan and an online loan is to compare. To begin, use online comparators such as Ideal Loans and request financing from entities that adapt to the amount required. Then, make a query on the bank that is used. Once the offers are obtained, compare and select the one that offers the best benefits.

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Loan for handicapped conversion Possibilities /loan-for-handicapped-conversion-possibilities/ /loan-for-handicapped-conversion-possibilities/#respond Thu, 16 Jan 2020 06:17:22 +0000 http://www.subzoneusa.com/loan-for-handicapped-conversion-possibilities/

How to finance the expensive renovation of your house A loan for disability-friendly conversion is granted or increased by various institutions under certain conditions.

In addition to the Good Credit, there are offers from regional banks, private banks, savings banks. Who actually writes and advises here? Who grants credit for remodeling? Who grants subsidies for renovations? 

Who grants a loan for a disability-friendly renovation?

Who grants a loan for a disability-friendly renovation?

Who actually grants a loan for a disability-friendly renovation? The answer is not easy to give: Such a loan is extremely rare as a specialized loan. However, you may use any unused private loan in a corresponding manner. However, this option is only available to you if you meet the requirements for a loan.

This is the case, for example, if you continue to receive regular wages from a fixed and permanent job. Alternatively, you can also propose to guarantor as collateral. If you have not received a loan or it is not enough, there are also some places where you can apply for grants or grants.

Let us show you current financing offers! The service is free and non-binding.

What is the credit for a Good Credit-friendly renovation?

What is the credit for a Good Credit-friendly renovation?

Basically, the Good Credit bank loan for a disability-friendly conversion is the best place to start. There are several reasons for this:

  1. It is the easiest of all loans to obtain. The financing program for “age-appropriate living” (455-B) is, for example, also explicitly open to pensioners.
  2. Good Credit promotes conversions in existing properties, but also enables barrier-free construction measures in new properties to be built.
  3. In addition to a low-interest loan, you can also receive numerous grants for the conversions from Good Credit.
  4. Applications for the loan and grants can be made directly through upstream banks such as the local savings bank. This saves you bureaucratic effort if, for example, you want to combine the loan for a disability-friendly renovation of Good Credit with another loan from the house bank.

Conditions for Good Credit loan for disability-friendly conversion

There are some conditions for the Good Credit loan. In principle, you have a total of 50,000 dollars available per residential unit. However, this maximum results from the sum of credit and grants. An example should clarify what this means:

Just in case you receive two grants from Good Credit Bank, which together have a volume of 10,000 dollars. Now you can take out a maximum of 40,000 dollars in loans, otherwise you would get over 50,000 dollars. For their part, grants are limited: the maximum for the individual items ranges between 4,000 and 6,500 dollars per subsidized housing unit.

Whether you can receive a grant depends on the offer and your individual case. Since the corresponding Good Credit program is extremely extensive, the explanations here would go beyond the scope. You should get private advice on this. In general, in order to be “eligible” at all, you have to be in a care level (1-5).

Which disability-friendly renovation is funded?

Which disability-friendly renovation is funded?

The loan and grants allow you to do the following:

  • Paths to buildings
  • environment measures
  • Barrier-free entrance area or apartment access
  • Accessible stairs and individual steps for the disabled
  • Threshold reduction in the living space and redesign of the room layout
  • Badumbau
  • Measures for security, orientation, communication as well as modernization suitable for the disabled (e.g. electronic roller shutters)
  • For employers only: creation of handicapped accessible common areas

What is the credit for a disability-friendly renovation by the state banks?

What is the credit for a disability-friendly renovation by the state banks?

The following explanations refer Lower Saxony. The offers of the other Good Finance for a loan for a disability-friendly conversion can differ in detail.

The following people can receive a loan for a disability-friendly renovation from a Landesbank such as Goodbank:

  • If the disability requires a structural effort, for example due to an exceptional walking disability (characteristic aG) or due to a high degree of visual impairment
  • Alternatively: if there is at least care level 2.
  • Alternatively: If there is a degenerative (i.e. continuously worsening) disease, the modifications will eventually become unavoidable – for example multiple sclerosis

How high the maximum loan amount is depends on whether it is an existing property or a purchase or a new building. With a simple conversion, the maximum loan amount is 15,000 dollars. When buying a property to be converted or a new building, the maximum loan amount is at least 50,000 dollars. Depending on the number of children under the age of 15 in the household, it can increase further. From the third child under the age of 15, a further 15,000 dollars are granted per child.

More about credit Good to know: State guarantee as an alternative As an alternative to a direct loan, you can also receive a state guarantee in the corresponding amount.

Loan for a disability-friendly renovation via construction finance

The first question is whether there is sufficient collateral to get the loan back. For example, the above-mentioned state guarantee, a private guarantee from a relative or a secure income would be suitable. The property itself can also be placed against the loan if it is unencumbered.

Second, the big problem is the minimum amount. Many banks have high minimum amounts for construction financing or a renovation loan. For example, you have to raise at least 30,000 dollars – but your work only costs 15,000 dollars. Classic building finance is rarely the best solution because of these two points.

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How to resolve debts with Social Security /how-to-resolve-debts-with-social-security/ /how-to-resolve-debts-with-social-security/#respond Sat, 11 Jan 2020 06:26:06 +0000 http://www.subzoneusa.com/how-to-resolve-debts-with-social-security/ money

There are many entrepreneurs and freelancers who have debts with Social Security and have great problems catching up.

Debts with Social Security generate penalties that debtors must face by increasing the total cost of the debt.

How much does it cost me a delay in paying my debt to Social Security?

How much does it cost me a delay in paying my debt to Social Security?

The surcharges that apply to Social Security debts are as follows:

  • 3% of the amount that has not been paid, with a delay of one month with respect to the payment term of the fee.
  • 5% for non-payment delays of two months.
  • 10% for delays of three months.
  • 20% for delays greater than three months.

For example, a freelancer who has not been able to pay his contributions for a period of 3 months.

This freelancer pays a monthly fee of $ 849.9. The total amount of your Social Security debt would be $ 849.90 but with the corresponding surcharges, you would have to pay the amount of $ 1,019.88.

What happens when Social Security is not paid?

What happens when Social Security is not paid?

It enters the executive phase. In other words, they proceed to make seizures on the debtor’s assets.

At the same time, the General Treasury of the Social Security may include your data in the file of delinquents called FIJ (Judicial Incident Files). This file becomes the Asnef of public administrations.

In case of death, those debts with Social Security are transferred to the legal heirs.

When do you prescribe a debt with Social Security?

Debts with Social Security prescribe after four years.

Once prescribed, the right of Social Security to claim and demand, any action to impose sanctions and also the obligation of the debtor to pay the amounts to a said entity is terminated.

Can the social security debt be paid in installments?

Can the social security debt be paid in installments?

If the debt with Social Security grows as a result of prolonged defaults, a deferment of the debt can be requested.

You can divide this debt within a maximum period of 5 years so that we can face it more comfortably.

There are two types of fees that cannot be deferred.

  • The fees paid to offer coverage for any work-related accident and / or illness.
  • A businessman with dependents.

Yes, you can pay the debt with Social Security in installments for self-employed workers. Social Security will give you a calendar in which payment dates and amortization tables will be specified. The interests that Social Security will charge you will be only the legal interest of the money.

The great advantage when deferring debt to Social Security is that you will no longer be classified as delinquent.

This is because the debt will no longer be reflected as such when the certificate of being up to date with this institution is requested.

It is interesting to know that the General Treasury has introduced other variants to facilitate late payments for those who have debts with Social Security. For example, payment by debit or credit card, as well as payment electronically.

How to resolve the payment of debts with Social Security?

For debts that are not excessive, one way to deal with that payment and catch up is to use online credits.

It is a quick, simple and very comfortable solution to quickly solve unforeseen expenses such as these, perfect for cases where you do not have the necessary liquidity. The cost of these credits is usually less than paying the fee surcharge.

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Planning for a holiday vacation? Take out a loan /planning-for-a-holiday-vacation-take-out-a-loan/ /planning-for-a-holiday-vacation-take-out-a-loan/#respond Thu, 05 Dec 2019 05:56:26 +0000 http://www.subzoneusa.com/planning-for-a-holiday-vacation-take-out-a-loan/

On these dates the plans and preparations for Christmas parties begin. Summer is almost over and there is little less than a month left to face the celebrations. Gifts or trips are very frequent at these parties. Vacation loans are a good help to take advantage of opportunities and buy things at a better price. There are always products, such as toys, that all children want and it is advisable to buy them soon.

What loans can help in the holidays?

What loans can help in the holidays?

There are countless types of loans. They differ, fundamentally, by the minimum and maximum amounts granted and by the repayment terms.

When you think about a loan for Christmas parties, you usually don’t think about large amounts of money. Nor in taking several years to return it. These types of loans usually respond to other major needs. These can be an urgent repair at home, acquiring a vehicle or dealing with an unexpected doctor.

The safest thing is that only an advance on expected income is necessary. However, these revenues may be late to take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves.

There is the option to take advantage of Black Friday to benefit from offers. The price of seafood is lower now, you can buy fresh and freeze. In addition, many products will double their cost days before Christmas. Another advantage is to be able to reserve gifts for the family before they are sold out in stores.

Most frequent holiday loans

Most frequent holiday loans

A good solution is a loan that hardly represents an advance on the payroll , the extraordinary payment or those incentive and commission payments that are received at the end of the year. Most likely, it will be enough 30 days or less to return it. In addition, the sooner it is repaid, the less interest it will entail.

For this, it is possible to have fast loans that allow to have amounts between 50 and 2000 dollars in 24 hours. These loans can be repaid within 7 to 30 days and only cost 1% APR.

There are other options , you can get a first loan of up to 900 dollars without interest or commissions and repay within 30 days. You can also get up to 1000 dollars without interest and return up to 90 days.

Many of these vacation loans do not take into account Asnef files. In most cases, a bank account number, ID card or similar document and an address are hardly requested. The studies are done almost immediately and in a few minutes the response of your concession or denial will arrive. You can compare different options to finance your purchases this Christmas.

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