Difference between a bank loan and one online


The terms bank loans and online loans can be confused and even related as equals, but the truth is that they are different. Each one has characteristics that can be beneficial for both individuals and companies. Therefore it is important to recognize the difference between a bank loan and an online loan, find out more in the next post.

Bank loan


Bank loans are an interesting relationship between a bank and a company or individual. These were one of the first exchanges in the financial world. The purpose of this loan is to offer an opportunity to its clients so that they can acquire some good or simply solve something timely.

It is very common for companies to apply for bank loans for the following purpose:

  • Purchase of raw materials.
  • Cover the repair of machinery or the purchase of a new one.
  • Modernization of computer equipment.
  • Office reforms, among others.

Online loans

This type of loan is the most modern and practical. Most financial companies are carried by investors and not by banks. As the name implies, it only works online. In this way, it is possible to achieve a variety of options that adapt to each user.

People who apply for fast loans online are mostly private individuals. This is thanks to the speed and convenience of the loans at the time of applying.

Difference between a bank loan and one online

Difference between a bank loan and one online

Although both loans have a lot of similarities, these have characteristics that differentiate it. Below are some of the differences.


  • Relationship: bank account.
  • Documents: it is required to deliver a series of documents such as personal income tax, payroll, among others, to make the request.
  • Solvency: have a stable financial history.
  • Commissions: in addition to interests such as TIN and APR, banks ask for other commissions such as opening.


  • Without paperwork: the process is completely digital.
  • Fast: there are approvals of up to $ 300 in 15 minutes.
  • No affiliation: they do not require an affiliation or relationship to approve the loan.
  • They do not exclude: there are lenders who approve loans to people who are on delinquent lists such as ASNEF.

Advantages and disadvantages


Online Loan:

Quick approval.
Interest-free loan promotions for new clients.

If more financing is required at the end of a loan, a new application must be initiated from scratch.
A greater amount and speed, higher interests.

Bank Loan:

Comfort and security. When contracting a banking service that carries all the financial operations of the company or individual.
Variety of loans that adapt to different needs, for example, study, travel, reforms, among others.

Analysis of bank history to see the borrowing capacity.
Delay in approval time.

The best way to know the difference between a bank loan and an online loan is to compare. To begin, use online comparators such as Ideal Loans and request financing from entities that adapt to the amount required. Then, make a query on the bank that is used. Once the offers are obtained, compare and select the one that offers the best benefits.

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